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The value of life

The meaning of the journey of life lies in experiencing the ups and downs of the world, tasting all the bitterness and sweetness, discovering the true self, and elevating the soul. Hardships are nothing but a kind of feeling, a kind of experience. By raising awareness, feeling and facing them directly, they will pass like the wind, while the true self remains unmoved. Spend your whole life doing things for the benefit of others, following the principles of heaven and reducing personal desires, living for the happiness of parents, and contributing to the difficulties of the elderly and children in the world.

May this current bull market bring more profits, bring parents close to take care of them, let them enjoy their old age, fulfill their wishes, and let them rest assured. Help more elderly and children in mountainous areas, ensure that the elderly in need are taken care of, and provide education and basic needs for the children in need, allowing them to grow up healthy and strong, making charity work a lifelong commitment.

I am grateful for the blessings from above, for giving me a spacious and bright house where I can have my parents close by, meditate together, take a walk after meals, and enjoy family time. I can cook and watch sports with friends at home, with a Western kitchen for Western cuisine, a Chinese kitchen for Chinese cuisine, and a laser TV to watch tennis matches together. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to look up to the U8 so I can drive to mountainous areas to help the elderly and children, seeing their joyful smiles, truly feeling the joy and happiness.

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